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An Environmental Humanities Deep Map by Dr James L. Smith

Announcing Digital Derg: A Deep Map

Dear Readers,

Without further ado, you can now view a draft version of the Digital Derg Omeka collection at the link below. The project is currently at its half-way point, and will continue to expand in the background as I undertake my 2020-23 postdoctoral role in the Ports, Past and Present project at University College Cork.

I’d like to thank Trinity College Dublin, its Geography Department and the Trinity Long Room Hub, my postdoctoral mentor Prof. Mark Hennessy, the Irish Research Council for awarding me a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship to do this work, and all of my brilliant colleagues.


This Omeka collection is managed by Dr James L. Smith, a postdoctoral fellow in the School of English and Digital Humanities at University College Cork.

The project is expanding, and will result in a series of articles making use of Digital Derg and a monograph project.

For the project publications – and others – see here.

The project is detailed in a separate blog, which you can visit here.

This sui generis Omeka database is licensed under a under a CC BY 4.0 International license. It makes use of the expanded Dublin Core metadata attributes.

This collection is designed to be explored in whatever manner the user sees fit: this is the goal of the deep map.

You can browse the collection items, search by tag or keyword, or navigate using the map. The collection will continue to grow, and a stable release in tabular data form will be available in 2020 via Github.

In 2020, Digital Derg should be seen as a draft. It has been released in the interest of open scholarship and open research. It will continue to be updated, refined, corrected and adjusted as it grows. By the end of the process, the final deep map will be 1000-1200 items in size.

You can look forward to the following future developments:

  • Expanded list of deep mapping items (600 to 1000-1200)
  • More project publications
  • A project monograph
  • More Omeka collections and exhibitions
  • New Omeka plugins (Avant Relationships, Contribution, Item Relations, Simple Vocab and Text Analysis)
  • Refinement and augmentation of existing data (transition from draft to final collection)
  • More blog posts
  • Archives of stable releases
  • New visualisations and interpretations of the map (e.g. use of Gephi)
  • New spatial narratives on Neatline

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